Kadir: Paladin Champion of Alexstrasza

Spreading Chivalric Chaos, One Quest at a Time


In the year before of the first orcish invasion of Azeroth, a baby was found abandoned on the shore of Crystal Lake. With none to care for him, the child was raised first in Northshire Abbey and later in the Orphanage of Stormwind itself. During the First War, Azeroth was devastated and young Kadir was carried north to Lordaeron with the other evacuees. When the Alliance of Loraderon defeated the Orcish Horde during the Second War, the rebuilding of the city of Stormwind began, as did the rebuilding of Northshire Abbey. Kadir, now seven years old, was housed there with many other orphans to be raised under the care of the Clerics of Northshire.

As the Light shines

As Kadir grew, the clerics of Northshire found him to be a strange child. He had been born with a right hand permanently clenched in a fist and the other orphans teased him, calling him "club hand". He made up for his deficiency by learning to use his hand as a true club. Before long, he had become the best fist-fighter under the age of 10 in the Abbey. After a long, one-sided fight with the bully who first gave him his intolerable nickname, he relented when the boy screamed, "Ah! Stop! You hit like a mace!"

From an early age, he had the habit of indiscriminately climbing the highest hills and roofs he could find and launching himself off of them! Tragedy was often averted by a well placed branch or ledge, but young Kadir had become infamous for his "leaps of faith".

Another strange habit was his facination with bodies of water. It seemed that wherever he went, Kadir would be drawn toward rivers and lakes, often wandering toward the same spot at which he was found as a child. As a baby, before the exodus to Lordaeron, he once crawled out of his crib and toward the lake, making it a few hundred metres from the abbey before falling asleep from exhaustion.

Kadir's playful ways came to an end when Kadir was eight years old and Northshire had a special visitor- Uther the Lightbringer himself! Alonsus Faol greeted his old student with gladness and the Abbey resounded with the laughter of the clerics all night, as Uther shared the more light-hearted moments of his campaigns. In the morning, Uther and Alonsus called upon the Light to bless the children of the orphanage.

It was then that a miracle happened. For the first time in his life, Kadir's fingers opened, to receive Uther's own hand.

Kadir was overwhelmed by the experience and eternally grateful. He pledged to uphold and spread the teachings of those who had housed and healed him and become a Knight of the Silver Hand-  a paladin.

But there was only so much that an eight year old boy could do.

Coming of Age

Kadir left the Abbey at the age of thirteen when wanderlust overcame his religious sentiment. He became the squire of a knight who accompanied Admiral Daelin Proudmoore on his voyage and over the years, the youth learned everything the retainer had to teach.

When the Scourge attacked Lordaeron, Proudmoore returned to Lordaeron to search for survivors - and his own daughter Jaina. It was there that Kadir saw his master fall to a swarm of ghouls. As he died, the fallen knight dubbed young Kadir into the service of King Terenas, for neither of them knew of Arthas' betrayal or the king's death at the time.

Kadir accompanied Admiral Proudmoore on the remnant of his voyage through Lordaeron and the end of the Third War as a lowly footman. He had been knighted without any living witnesses and his knighthood had remained his secret ever since. Unconcerned with rank, Kadir was proud to serve the Alliance and he did so faithfully throughout the length of the War and continued afterward, when Admiral Proudmoore was dispatched to search for survivors in Kalimdor.

Kadir began to doubt Proudmoore's judgement when he began assaulting the orcs which had allied with the humans in Kalimdor. When Proudmoore came across his daughter's citadel in Theramore as well as Rexxar, Rokhan and Chen, he assumed the worst and commandeered the island against her pleas. Kadir deserted the Admiral's forces, realising that the old sailor was acting out of vengeance rather than good judgement. He did not intervene in the battle that followed, wanting neither to harm the orcs unjustly or attack his old comrades at arms, finally surrendering to Jaina at the end.

Kadir returned to Azeroth, where he was discharged honorably from the Lordaeron navy. He returned to Stormwind and was welcomed back into the Brotherhood of Northshire. Before long, he had joined the ranks of the paladins, finally completing the vow that he made when he was still a child. In memory of the birth defect that had shaped his destiny and Uther, the founder of the Knights of the Silver Hand, he titled himself Kadir of the Silver Mace and vowed that he would battle prejudice, undeath and the Legion's servants wherever they reared their ugly heads.